Why In-ear monitors aren't just for Rock Stars anymore!

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Controlling stage volume is to the [smart] musician what a good calculator is to the actuary. Both contribute to long-term success in their respective fields. Bottom line is, while in-ear’s are critical for preserving ones hearing as a musician, there is one segment of the market (not at least that I’m aware of) that has yet to be pitched… the parent! As a father of four, I can say without question that I use my Ultimate Ears UE-10’s way more in my role as a Dad than I do as a performer. If your kids are beyond the crib age, (mine are 18,16,13 and 6) or you just want to block out that goofball next to you, then a pair of these baby’s may be in order. LMKYT’s (Let Me Know Your Thoughts)


By Doug Taylor 08/03/2008 12:44 PM

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